SIM-card remote control

SIM-card type for remote control

To use our remote controlled relays and switches you will need a SIM-card from your favorite network operator. Many operators offers free pre-pay SIM-cards that needs to be charged with money once to activate it and then once a year to keep it active. This can differ from operator to operator, please check with you network operator if unsure.

Pre-paid or subscription SIM-card?

You can choose either a pre-pay or a subscription SIM-card to use with our remote controlled relays and switches. The pre-paid SIM-card is often the easiest and most economical choice but they often needs to be refilled once a year to keep it active, which you have to remember. Many network operators offer a special subscription for these kinds of remote control devices that guarantees delay free SMS and phone calls for demanding applications.

SIM-card type?

Our remote controlled relays and devices uses either the SIM-card type "Micro-SIM" or "Mini-SIM". Most network operators will deliver a "multi" SIM that has all sizes pre punched.